Rohini scheme was launched in 1980’s to provide hous­ing for the com­pos­ite soci­ety, con­sist­ing all income groups. However major per­cent­age of the hous­ing was given for EWS and LIG cat­egor­ies.

Rohini sub city con­sists of Two Part Zones namely Zone ‘H’ Part (Phase –I and Phase-II) and Zone ‘M’ Part (Phase III, IV and V).

The scheme was ini­tially divided into Phase I and PhaseII,which is a part of Zone ‘H’ Rohini. Phase I and Phase II con­sist of 19 sec­tors i.e. Sector-1 to Sector 19 (17 res­id­en­tial and two Commercial Sectors). Other sali­ent fea­tures are as under:

  • Total area
    2015 Ha.
  • Projected Population
    8.5 lacs.
  • Total No. of plots of Various sizes (26−150 sq. m.)
  • Land allot­ted to CGHS—152 Ha.
    23000 DU’s
  • Total DDA hous­ing under all categories
    25100 units

Phase– III : Rohini Phase III was taken up for devel­op­ment in 1990, as an exten­sion of Phase I and Phase II. Rohini Phase III plan­ning and devel­op­ment area con­sist of six sec­tors i.e. from Sector 20 to 25. Other sali­ent fea­tures are as under:

  • Integration of arter­ial road net­work sys­tems with the city net­work link­ing other sub cit­ies like Dwarka and Narela.
  • Introduction of plan­ning meas­ures for con­trolling unau­thor­ized com­mer­cial­iz­a­tion of Residential Plots along major traffic cor­ridors and achiev­ing safe and pol­lu­tion free res­id­en­tial environment.
  • Establishing an effi­cient, reli­able and attractive multi modal trans­port, with favorable con­di­tions for safe use of bicycles and ped­es­trian movements.
  • Introduction of Urban Form and Visual characterstics with con­tinu­ity of natural harmony of open space.
  • Other salient features are as under.
  • Total Area of Ph. IV & V
    4533 Ha.
  • Already acquired and under planning
    788 Ha.
  • No. of Residential Pockets (under acquired Land)
    21 Pkts
  • GR. Housing Pockets
  • Co-Operative Housing Pockets
  • Projected Population (on acquired land)
    2 Lac